The Presbytery maintains a Committee on Preparation for Ministry consistent with the Book of Order, G-3.0307, to provide care, guidance and oversight for inquirers and candidates who are preparing to become ministers.

The following forms and documents pertain to the Committee on Preparation for Ministry:

Application for Enrollment as an Inquirer – Form 1

Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as Inquirer – Form 2A

Covenant Agreement Between Inquirer, Session, and CPM; and Inquirer Release – Form 2B

Committee on Preparation for Ministry Policies, revised 4-26-2011

Preparation for Ministry Advisory Handbook

Pre-Interview Annual Consultation Report  – Form 3

Report of Annual Consultation – Form 4

Application to be received by Presbytery as a Candidate – Form 5A

Covenant Agreement Between Candidate, Session and CPM; and Candidate Release – Form 5B

Summary Report of Final Assessment of Candidate's Readiness to Be Examined for Ordination – Form 6

Certificate of Approval Transfer of Covenant Relationship to Another Presbytery – Form 7A

Report of Ordination of Candidate or Withdrawal or Removal of Inquirer or Candidate – Form 7B