Presbytery Leadership Team

The team is responsible for but not limited to:
• Engaging in ongoing shaping and reshaping the life and mission of the presbytery by being responsive to the changing needs of the presbytery, community and the world
• Formulating recommendations to the presbytery concerning policies, priorities, and goals
• Meeting at least annually with the chairs or moderators of teams for training, planning, evaluating and setting goals
• Developing avenues for communication and consultation with the presbytery teams
• Serving as trustees of the presbytery
• Creating teams as needed
• Nominating members and the chair to serve on the Commitment to Representation Team
• Approving changes in the staff design in consultation with the Personnel Team
• Annually reviewing and making changes to the Operational Manual
• When deemed necessary, they may take appropriate actions between meetings of the presbytery and report such actions to the next stated meeting of presbytery

Membership: 12 at-large members (4 from each district – with a commitment to diversity, F-1.0403 and G-3.0103)
chair – most recent moderator of presbytery
moderator of presbytery
moderator elect of presbytery
the chair of PLT shall nominate a vice chair at its 1st meeting
Ex officio members (with voice and no vote)
general presbyter
stated clerk

The 12 at-large members on the Presbytery Leadership Team ordinarily will not be elected members of another presbytery team or its chair. The at large members shall ordinarily serve one three-year term.