Giving Opportunities

The following are Presbytery of Florida special funds to which contributions may be made:


2 Cents a MealTo finance Presbytery-approved programs and grants  for the prevention or relief of hunger.

Candidates Aid FundTo assist persons in preparation for ministry to become ministers or for other full-time Christian service.

Minister Emergency Assistance – To provide emergency financial assistance to member ministers of Presbytery for medical/counseling expenses or emergency living expenses.

New Church Development Fund – To finance the development of new churches.

Redevelopment Fund – To assist in redevelopment of congregations.

Office Equipment Fund – To purchase new equipment and replace old equipment in the Presbytery office.

Emergency Relief Fund – To aid in meeting human needs that result from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes.

Small Church Pastor Grant Fund – To assist recent seminary graduates who accept small church pastorates within the Presbytery.

South Africa Mission Partnership Fund – To implement the Presbytery’s partnership with the Western Cape Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in South Africa.

Stewardship of Creation Fund – To finance restoring creation programs and projects approved by the Presbytery.

Youth Triennium Fund – To assist youth from the Presbytery in attending the national Triennium for youth.

For Dogwood Acres:

Dogwood Acres Camperships Fund – To provide scholarships for underprivileged children within the Presbytery to attend summer camp at Dogwood Acres.

Dogwood Acres Development Fund – To finance improvement and development at Dogwood Acres.

Fund for the Least of These – To help fund events for special-needs campers, such as at-risk youth or young people with Asperger’s.

Dogwood Acres Gift – To support Dogwood Acres improvements and program expenses not covered by other funds.

Dogwood Acres Wish List – To purchase non-budgeted items, including equipment, materials and services for Dogwood Acres.

Dogwood Acres Circle of Friends Fund – To generate funds to cover the cost of producing and distributing information about Dogwood Acres and special events for Friends of Dogwood Acres and to build the Dogwood Acres Endowment and Campership Funds.

Dogwood Acres Timber Management Fund – To defray the costs of managing the Dogwood Acres forest area, with net proceeds to be transferred to the Dogwood Acres Development Fund.

Dogwood Acres Truck and Tractor Fund – To replace existing truck and/or tractor.

Dogwood Acres Endowment Fund – To provide a fund to generate income to support the maintenance, repair and improvement of Dogwood Acres.

Brian Monroe Endowment Fund – To provide a fund to generate income which shall supplement the administration of the camp program.

Dogwood Acres Trading Post Fund – To stock the trading post and maintain its operations apart from the Dogwood Acres operating budget.

Joe Vaughn Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund – To provide scholarships for underprivileged children within the presbytery to attend summer camp at Dogwood Acres.