Congregational Mission Support Team

Love God

Relationship with the Triune God - Worship & Bible Study (corporate/personal), Spiritual Disciplines, Sabbath Keeping, Giving Time, Talent, Treasure
Healthy Mark Assessment #1-Continual Spiritual Formation is an essential for all
All church leaders & vast majority of communicants are in some form of group spiritual formation & daily devotion
Discernment Questions - Who are we? Who is our neighbor? Who & what is God calling us to be and do?
Knowing who/whose we are, the gifts we have & the needs of the community, what is God’s will for us?

101 Ways to Create Spiritual Energy

Bible Study and Spiritual Practices:


Lectio Divina

Starting New Initiatives

Spiritual Formation

Worship and Music:

Top Ten Worship Planning Ideas from John Calvin


Multiple Intelligences and Prayer

Contemplative Outreach

Breath Prayers

Embodied Prayer


Consider the 90 Days of Prayer Adventure. Go to:     Instructions for 90 Days of Prayer.

Find additional resources: Bibliography on Passionate Sprituality