Frequently-Asked Questions

Our pastor is leaving.  What do we do?

Call the presbytery office at 850-638-2322, ext. 1, and tell the office that your pastor is leaving.  The Committee on Ministry will work with your church to call a new pastor, and On Calling a Pastor: A Manual for Churches Seeking Pastors will guide you, as well. Then follow the steps in the Process for Securing a Pastor/Associate Pastor.

I am the clerk of Session for my church, and I need some forms to fill out.  Where can I find all forms that require the signature of the clerk of Session?

Click here to find forms and information for Clerks of Session.

Our church needs a preacher to fill in.  Do you have a list of approved people to do this?  Where do I find the list?

Click here for the Pulpit Supply List that is approved by the presbytery’s Committee on Ministry. 

We don’t have a preacher for a communion Sunday.  What do we do?

The Session may reschedule communion for another date or you can call someone on the Pulpit Supply List who is ordained to preach and serve communion on that day.

Does our presbytery have a camp?  Are there scholarships available?  Where do I find information?

Learn about the Presbytery's camp, Dogwood Acres, at

Our church needs financing for a building project.  What do we need to do?

Go to the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program website at and view the presentations under “loan options” at the top of the website, or call 800-903-7457.  They can walk you through the approval and application process.

Our church doesn’t have articles of incorporation.  Do we need them?  If so, how do we get them?

Yes, congregations need articles of incorporation (G-4.0101).  You may download a sample articles of incorporation here.

I am interested in becoming a minister of the Word and Sacrament of the PC(USA).  How do I start this process?

You must apply to be enrolled as an inquirer.  Download the necessary application forms and other information here. You also may download the Preparation for Ministry Advisory Handbook for additional information.

I want to explore becoming a Commissioned Ruling Elder.  How do I do this?

Download the Commissioned Ruling Elder application and agreement form for submission to the Committee on Ministry.

I need statistical information for my church.  Where can I find it? 

Go to  to get your congregation’s 10 year trends statistics, as well as other information.

What percentages of the five PC(USA) special funds does the church keep, and what do we do with the rest?

 After retaining your church’s percentage (see information below), the church sends the balance of the offering to the presbytery office, which will retain its portion and will send the PC(USA) portion to Louisville on the church’s behalf.

Joy Offering (taken around Christmas Eve):

Fifty percent of undesignated receipts to the Christmas Joy Offering are distributed to the Board of Pensions for assistance programs that provide support to retired and active church workers and their spouses and families. The other 50 percent supports Presbyterian-related racial ethnic schools and colleges through the Racial Ethnic and Women's Ministries of the General Assembly Mission Council.

The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering (Easter Sunday):

100% of this offering goes to the PC(USA) and is used in this way:  34% goes to the Presbyterian Hunger Program, 33% goes to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, 33% goes to Self Development of People.  For more information on these offerings, go to

Pentecost Offering (taken on the Day of Pentecost):

The Pentecost Offering is traditionally received on the day of Pentecost. It provides a direct way to meet the needs of children at risk, youth, and young adults. Congregations are encouraged to keep 40 percent of the Offering to support ministry with children at risk in their communities.

The General Assembly’s portion (60 percent) provides leadership development opportunities for Presbyterian youth and young adults and supports children-at-risk programs at the national level. Since 1998, Presbyterians of all ages have raised more than $8 million for these ministries that benefit younger members of God’s family.

Peacemaking Offering (1st Sunday in October – World Communion Day):

The Peacemaking Offering supports the peacemaking efforts of the church at every governing body level and provides an opportunity to witness to God's gift of peace in the world. Gifts given to the Peacemaking Offering through a congregation are divided in the following manner - 25% to the local church’s own peacemaking efforts, 25% to presbytery (goes to The Fund for the Least of These, a presbytery offering to underwrite cost of special needs camps and retreats at Dogwood Acres) , 25% goes to PC(USA) Peacemaking Offering.

Churches send in their presbytery and PC(USA) portion to the presbytery office.  They may also contribute their 25% toward the presbytery to be put in the Fund for the Least of These.

My church needs financial help.  Is there any help out there, and if so, where can I find it?

Financial assistance for church workers and clergy is available at  A number of grants to aid churches in mission also are available through the PC(USA).  Go to and search “Grants” to find the various grants available.

There are also limited presbytery and synod funds to help churches.  Contact the presbytery office to learn more.

What is the 2 Cents a Meal initiative?

It is the Presbytery of Florida’s hunger action initiative that encourages church members to give 2 cents per meal.  The funds may be shared between the church and the presbytery at any percentage a church desires to fight hunger according to in 1 of 5 ways outlined by the Presbyterian Hunger Program ( Additional information is available here.

How do I get involved in Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery?

Let your moderator of your church’s Presbyterian Women know that you are interested in serving PW beyond the local congregation.  You may also contact the presbytery office and ask to contact the current PW moderator for the presbytery.

What are some opportunities to give to presbytery besides the general fund?

A complete list of special funds of the presbytery is available here.

Our church would like to financially support a PC(USA) missionary.  How do we do so?

Go to and search by country or missionary.  There is a “donate” button by each missionary’s name.   You or your church’s treasurer may also send your donation to the presbytery office.

What mission opportunities does the Presbytery of Florida have?

The Presbytery of Florida is involved with the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) and Self Development of People (SDOP) to name a few.  The presbytery awards grants for hunger action initiatives through the 2 cents a meal offering, as well as grants for grassroots efforts for those living at the poverty line or below, to address issues that adversely impact their lives. Learn more about SDOP here or the 2 Cents a Meal initiative or other Presbytery Compassion and Social Justice Committee efforts here.

I want to serve on a committee or team of presbytery.  How do I do this?

Contact the presbytery office.  A member of the presbytery’s Commitment to Representation Team will be in touch. Thanks, in advance, for serving!