The Presbytery maintains a Committee on Ministry that is consistent with the Book of Order, G-3.0307. It is composed of ½ teaching elders and ½ ruling elders.

The following forms and documents pertain to the Committee on Ministry:

Appointment of Commission to Install    PDF  MSWord

Appointment of Commission to Ordain   PDF  MSWord

Certified Christian educators' compensation form (2018)

Commissioned Lay Pastor Application/Agreement

Commissioned Lay Pastor Contract

EEO Report of the Pastor Nominating Committee PDF 

Guidelines for Pulpit Supply/Moderator Honoraria

Interim Pastor Covenant/Contract PDF  MS Word

Ministers' compensation form (2018)

Minutes of the Commission to Install
 PDF MS Word

Minutes of the Commission to Ordain
PDF  MS Word

On Calling a Pastor: A Manual for Churches Seeking Pastors

Pastoral Call Form

Pastor/Church Exit Interview Report PDF  MS Word

Pulpit Supply List, updated 8/29/17

Pulpit Supply Policy, adopted Jan. 2011

Sabbatical/Study Leave Policy PDF

Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Guidelines, adopted 1-26-13

Stated Supply Covenant/Contract PDF  MS Word

Temporary Supply Covenant/Contract PDF  MS Word

Triannual Report for Temporary Pastoral Leadership Fillable PDF   MS Word

Validated Ministries Policy PDF