Congregational Mission Support Team

Love the World

Relationship with those outside the faith community - Demographics tools, Ministries matching needs of our neighbors with gifts & passions of the congregation
Healthy Mark Assessment # 3 – A pervasive concern for the well-being of those outside the church
Relationships are cultivated & maintained with those outside the church, programs & ministries meet actual needs
Discernment Questions - Who are we? Who is our neighbor? Who & what is God calling us to be and do?
Studying demographics, getting to know the needs of the community with objective & anecdotal data

Re-entering the community: the most difficult transformation dynamic.

Many congregations that exist in areas of dramatic cultural change withdraw from direct contact and ministry with the people in the area around the church. They have little knowledge of or relationship with those who live close to the church. The congregation will benefit from its members being trained to visit, listen, talk to and build relationships with people in the community. As relationships develop, the church begins to understand the hopes, desires and dreams of the people, and its ministry becomes relevant to their lives.

One important element of this dynamic is understanding the demographics. Find out who lives in your community. Register with Mission Insite, a cutting edge demographics tool – free, courtesy of the Presbytery of Florida.


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